New Anti-Stacking Fence Foundation Limits in TestLive 2.8

Well, you can either embrace, adapt and overcome or join those who fear change and cry for some facsimile of “how it used to be” “in the good old days” “when men were men” etc. etc.

Meanwhile FC is changing things up by the looks of it. I guess for the better given some time. And all the old farts whining about it doesn’t seem to be affecting them. So we can either assume the new dynamic and play it or cry in our beers… Yeah, sorry to disappoint but “waaaa” seems to sum it up fairly well. I’m sorry if me not playing armchair game designer with you is disappointing somehow, but come’on there has to be a point where we accept the reality of the situation. And that reality is that FC is changing things up - like it or not. It’s done! Stacking it out!

Instead of crying for the past, we should totally be making plans for the future… Figuring out the best strategies given the new dynamics. Cuz, they are here to stay it seems.

My only gripe with them is that they also seem to affect PVE in odd ways. But even that is not such a huge deal.

It’s possible that they want to balance pvp defenders vs raiders but right now biggest problem is who is stacking vs none stacking.

It’s one thing of building single layer foundation in stone vs another in 3 layer black ice.

One funcom would never try balance thought out because game was design in that defensive layer.

Now how can fc balance when stacking is around. A they have keep it in mind which means if ur not stacking might as well never bothered upgraded to t3.

So they have remove stacking because 1 it was never design to do that, then once u remove stacking.

Then you can balance out because right now, balance based on certain things.

Space it is built and hp of that space. Stacking counters this. Doors where kept weak because stacking. 75k wall but 25k door.

So removing stacking is not fc way saying they want every be raided with no hope.

They couldn’t find how two balance when stacking was aloud because who stacks had huge advantage over people who didn’t.


If this thread actually posed a question, that :point_up_2:t6: :point_up_2:t6: :point_up_2:t6: would be my choice for a solution. :wink:

Funniest line of 2022!


“Conan Exiles is the open-world survival game set in the brutal world of Conan the Barbarian! Survive. Build. Dominate.”

It is on the main pages and ironically posted at the top of the page of these forums. I suppose this reply was made in jest, but on the off chance…

OT, I hope that this change to fences is a sign that more balancing is to come.


It wasn’t. They call it survival, but reality is food, water, and the wild are nothing but annoyances in this game. This game is Farm and build. So part jest maybe, but delved in sarcasm.


Don’t lose hope . Just keep posting like I do asking for more of the survival elements to be buffed is all as I see it.


I think it does because way I look at they have make everyone on close playing field.

Right now it’s forces players in one set way to build this hurts on a lot levels.

I think reason all t3 crafting stations are so big is they don’t want fully function t3 cave dwelling.

By forcing you build bigger and more in open makes more open to types attacks.

All defensive stuff is small but ones that only effect offensive is huge.


More effective defensive measures and structures would help a lot.


Thanks Barnes. I know you and I both know that an easy way to return to balance would be to remove raid windows, but they don’t seem to want to do that.


Hey there,

I know this may be adding fuel to the fire, but I’d like to clarify something regarding stacking fence foundations, especially those comments saying this has been a valid method since early access.

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We understand that now, but this was posted a while before that, which started the initial confusion.

I somehow don’t think people do actually understand that now, which is probably why there are still so many claims being made and why he (rightly) felt is was a good idea to clarify.