Testlive Update (26.11.2020) - Update 2.2: Bug fixing, stamina and shield overhauls!

Again is no easy ti find t4 in uc, that is totally irrelevant to find Those or nothing in chest, problem i think is not siptah.

Unless it forces People to use crafted reapond as part of progresión.

A choice that needs to be revisited

Been doing like that since forever ppl just have not seen it :'D

Could we get a statement from Funcom on that? Were repair kit drops reduced or removed? Is that an intentional change?

Just to prevent anybody from jumping the, you know, gun?

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We can’t jump the gun anymore, the gun is broken and we don’t have karmic gear :^)


How would we even verify what information they give us? They would have to tell us what the drop chance percentages were. Then we’d have to run around and farm the chests enough to confirm that the real drop percentage converged on the specified target.

Dev kit has the tables and one canfind the RNG with that. I’m just being lazy or I would do some eng mining. But AC valhalla has my time right now.

Yeah, if you know how the tables are structured (I don’t, but have looked at them) you could maybe figure that out. Depends on how the data is stored, I suppose.

That we have to contemplate doing that is pretty ridiculous, in my opinion.

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No a fan of this “The Nemedian” helmet nerf. I normally to not use it on the thrall, but had gotten into a flow of keeping thirsty while harvesting to repair my tools. Rarely, did I use my thrall to repair weapons. I kind of liked wearing the Helmet for that case as there was some risk involved with not being a full health while running around in the wilds.

Recommend that the nerf apply to thralls getting the repair, but allow players to wear the helmet for the repair benefit. Thrall = no repair. Player = repair.

If the nerf will stick, then at least add a useful attribute such as survival or encumbrance besides boosting the armor value. No one will even care to wear the helmet otherwise and will be useless drop. Thanks for your consideration.

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What you don’t like to investigate things just to see how things tick? Guess it’s just me :stuck_out_tongue: Back when I regularly visited the forums, I would check the bug section just to see if I could figure out the bug and how to fix it (and sometimes was successful, I always send my reports to Funcom, just not publicly).

Anyhoo, as of the latest dev kit, which is the version that matches with 2.1, and as far in terms of drops from the bosses (as I assume that is what they refer to), the chances of a drop are at 100% for repair kits.

The way the reports here are structured, I am unclear as some people are saying “it’s been a thing” (not that I can tell), and other’s say its a Testlive thing (which I can’t see until the dev kit is updated to match).


Why ?

Amidst so many actual problems, why remove features that make the game more fun and pleasurable to play ? Like these above and the ability to teleport with the bound unconscious thralls

The game is supposed to be fun first, before any notion of it being “realistic” and serious, both karmic items are part of the gameplay and should remain as such, makes no sense to remove the ability

New archery bug: if you have 40 acc, make a full heavy to the target with bow who is charging heavy shot, he will be pulled back abit, but not a full knock downю

Shields work strange, sometimes it reflect and knock attacker, sometimes it is not… video is attached.

I have some time. I am updating my dev kit no (this won’t help, as @multigun said, with the test live version though). Guess I have an unemployment project in between interviews and AC Valhalla!!!

If I can get a good repeatable way, then maybe I can add it to wiki with @Jim1 help (i don’t edit on there very much myself)

Well, it was really the value column of the properties table. When I realized that the data in that column was binary blob data I just sort of threw up my hands at the whole idea of modding for Conan Exiles.

Like, I mentally ticked through all the different steps I’d likely have take to get to a point where I could do what I wanted to with that data and decided my time was better spent doing other things I’m interested in.

Apparently the bug report was about the chests that spawn in the Unnamed City, not the bosses (which Charoruk said, but I missed). Those chests are at 33% to spawn a repair kit. Not a Testlive change, this is in the current dev kit (2.1). The change could have occured in 2.0 (and its gazillion changes), or 2.1, or even earlier. But what is certain is that it wasn’t changed in this version of Testlive (2.2).

So to be clear, the original report was about the chests not receiving 100% spawn chance on legendary kits. This is not a bug (as far as I can tell), and is working as intended, and was not changed in 2.2 (Testlive). Other players (including me) then misunderstood, and thought the report was about boss drops. Unless a report comes in that boss drops specifically have been reduced, I will consider the matter closed.


I’ll continue to support the game for the time being, but I also disagree with this change. The Nemedian is supposed to be a special item with special properties. In fact Conan needs MORE of these items, not fewer. ( I mean by this more variety, but less quantity. Conan needs a wider variety of hard to get items)


AAAAAnnnnddd here we go :rofl: :man_facepalming: :wink:

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I hope we get some impact when blocking, this doesn’t look very natural

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You mean mister Perfect is here?

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A troll with a belivable story. The most dangerous combination :^)