Unable to craft Twitch drop items (items not found)

I wish I even got the opportunity to claim the rewards. Linked my twitch as was instructed, watched the streams every day for at least 2+ hours, and never even got the prompt to claim anything.

Thanks for the update.

Any chance of foot gear being added to the watcher set in the meantime?

I figured it’s a more reasonable ask than a watcher’s hottub furniture item or spider silk hammock style bed.


Hello @WalkedPaladin1

If there was no claim notification, then I believe those streams didn’t actually have “drops enabled”.

I explained on a different post that Twitch sends out three notifications.

Dear Ignasis, as always, you’re always giving us a light, at the end of the tunnel, I understand that mistakes can happen, as the technology is more advanced, it will always be error-prone, but by God why only on PS4. this is wrath of the gods of the exiles,???


But they all had drops enabled in the title, and I watched different ones each day.

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Sorry, the title doesn’t count. Those streamers didn’t link their account properly, I found many with “Drops Enabled” on the title and sadly my progress bar didn’t move and the notification was never sent for those specific streamers.

The proper way to check if they are setup properly is on my previous post:

They did have the tag. I’m also talking like hours of time where I’d turn on a stream and let it run. Then switch to a new one if that ended. Till I went to sleep of course.

Where did you watch twitch?
Twitch app on phone?
Twitch app on PS4/PS5?

Some of the ways you can watch twitch don’t support drops. So even if the stream had drops enabled, if you were using a twitch client that didn’t support drops then it wouldn’t count

The PS5 twitch app for instance doesn’t support drops. I don’t know why Twitch doesn’t support drops in all clients but they don’t.

I first started in PS5 twitch app and then when that didn’t work I did some looking and I found twitch documentation about which clients support drops. So I switch to the twitch app on my phone and that worked.


Laptop chrome browser.

Well, looks like a second chance might be available for those who missed the claim, or had issues watching streams with the drops.


Realistic answer: Working with Sony’s software is a bit different from working with Microsoft, wether it be Windows or XBox.

My answer: Someone prayed to Crom. They meekly begged Crom to intercede for them. This, as we all know, offends Crom, and he decided to help by making life suck just a little more. You know, to toughen us up.






@Ignasis Concordia thanks you and will be waiting for the patch.

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lost this topic. Did they found a root cause and said when they will fix it?

They found the issue but, not time was provided for the fix.


Hi friends, update on this. We aim to have a potential fix for this in the next update, v2.4.6. Should be out in the next week or two.