An update on the next console patch

Reguardless lack of communication with the community is a dick move. So I spent my stimulus elsewhere. Activision made $300 off me today.

Thanks for the update, would you consider giving the consoles 1.5x or 2x gathering while we wait for the patch? I now know new benches of varying heights are coming so i don’t want to build until i see what they look like and know how big a space I need. I know armor/weapon stats are going to change so I don’t want to waste resources building armor or weapons until after the patch. Can you please give us something as a bonus while we wait for the patch?

Thanks for considering

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I support this idea, you should give us something as compensation for these update delays. At least x2 of farming until the update appears.


Paciencia señores… Isla de siptah llegará. Funcom esta trabajando en eso. Seguro que la semana que viene como muy tarde la tendremos, confiemos en los desarrolladores

Since it is now out of funcom’s hands there is a realistic chance it could happen. Put me down for august 2022


Thanks for the update.
Are you at liberty to share what specifically didn’t pass certification last time?

Either way, please keep us posted.

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So after spending $300 on video games :thinking: not sure how you did this or why you are proud of this. You come back to the game that you paid $20 for to say your upset about the free patch that isnt out yet… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Im not trying to white knight for FC but they have been communicating way more in the past few weeks than they ever did before. If you been following any of the posts its always bad news but it was no news before.


One because I am 50 and retired. Two I received my $1400 stimulus from the government. Three just because they appear to communicate more on the forums doesn’t give them a get out of jail free card. The fact is they should be posting here hundreds of times a week not on social media. If they are not going to be active in discussions on these forums what in the hell is the point? That’s why in general they are failing.

BTW I never said I bought any games. I but virtual currency for Call of Duty because at least they keep the game updated, in working order, and active customer support and server admins. Funcom needs a lot of work at this point to get on par with the rest of the world. Sometimes I wonder if their boss is braindead due to all the mis-management going on in the company . Don’t get me wrong I love CE when I can play without all the issues the consoles have.


Hello, I want to start by telling funcom a little thing, you don’t make it easy for us.

We are trying to be more patient, in my conversation with Darkzombie I understood many things but you do not make it easy for us,
It is true that each person manages their frustration in a different way, in my case I release my frustration and feelings by telling it openly, so I can understand that there are other people who do not do it and ask others to be patient.

What I can’t understand is those people who tell me things like (it’s that funcom is a super multi-million dollar company that does things super well), to begin with we can list companies that do things well, Capcom, Ubisoft, Square enix, Bioware , EA and all of them are also wrong, they have flaws, there are people working for them, they live on planet earth, where the pandemic is raging worldwide.

make excuses such as (the pandemic makes production slower) (it is a holiday, it is normal that they work less).

Don’t try to put out a bonfire with gasoline, it can be put out with water, and only funcom can put it out.

And how can you turn it off? To begin with, should I stop treating us as third-class players, if you know the history of the titanic? etc etc…

Let’s not forget that funcom is still a company, and every company needs to generate profits, to keep its workers, do new projects, we are all related to capitalism, it is not necessary to explain now how it goes, in short if the buyer does not She is happy to stop buying, let’s not forget what happened with Telltale, bad management, unfinished games, little generation of sales.

It is well known that Funcom is developing DUNE, seriously do they think that console players are going to buy it if they continue to treat us this way? Funcom is not the only video game company.

That is why I tell both Funcom and the community managers, please think about what we say, if we are here it is not because we hate Conan exiles, we do not hate the company, we do not want any harm to anyone, (unless Come raid my base then if I wish you) Jokes aside.

Funcom console players are drowning and only you have the lifeboats, it is up to you whether you want to use them or not.


I’ll say two weeks from your post.

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I am waiting patiently for the update, I can’t speak for XBox as I have PS4, but Conan Exiles is playable on PS4, I don’t know why people say it isn’t.

It’s a pitty it failed certification, but this is something we can’t do anything about, so just chill everyone.

The big bosses at Funcom are probably giving the console branch less resources than PC, they are probably working the best they can with what they have.

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Hi there

You make a valid point about expressing frustration and I acknowledge those feelings. It’s important for Funcom to know this information too.

I just want to point out, making comparisons with other companies is sometimes a valid approach, but it would be inaccurate to suggest that one company should perform well because another has at some other point in history.

There are massive assumptions behind this kind of thinking, and so many variables as to why Funcom are providing different outcomes to say Capcom or whoever.

To suggest that all companies should perform to the same standards as the best company out there, is to think that business operates inside a vacuum. There are so many contexts in place that affect companies in so many ways.

I stand by my opinion that Funcom are doing a good job with the resources they have. Like I have suggested before, rolling out Siptah has meant that other products have less time devoted to them, Exiles included.

I am a console player. Yes there are issues with the console game. But an update is coming to fix errors, the company have announced this. I consider this to be a service to Funcom’s customer base.

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In my case Conan was unplayable on PS4 I would blue screen constantly laggy/frame rate sucked. When I switch over to PS5 the game got 100x better stability wise. I hardly have issues now.

The 2 biggest issues that still bug me (but is still playable) is the sometimes 20-30 mins to initially load everything up in my base at first load. That and the fact that the server I play on is absolutely dead because no one can join after a certain time.

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tell us that funcom that you think funcom works well with the resources it has, tells us that you work at fancom and you know first-hand what those resources are. no?


“Resources” means money, human labour and infrastructure. Every company has this. Umm…I don’t need to tell you this “first hand” lol. That’s umm…obvious. How do you not know this lol? It’s 101 type stuff, you don’t even need to be educated to know that. Dude…

As for my other point about “works well”, that’s an opinion. I actually said “opinion”…?? I trust you understand the difference between opinion and fact?

Opinions are not burdened with any requirements to prove statements. They are not facts, opinions are measured thoughts, what I happen to think. So there’s no point to asking me to verify anything there. Because…it’s an opinion!! Lol

I am not meaning to sound belittling, I value your comments. I’m just a bit surprised by what you are saying, that’s all. Perhaps we should take a minute to think about what is being typed on the screen.

Have a nice week.

Hi mate, I’m curious about what you said, why can no one join the server after a while? That seems odd. Is this console? Have you reported this bug?

It’s a shame that your server is dead right now. Sometimes things turn around. Your server might come to life again in the future with new players.

After server reset there is a window where you are able to logon to official server’s, after which you cannot, ever lasting loading screen, but it register’s that you’re character is online, and if you keep trying will die of thirst and Hunger, the window is different for each server, the main server I use, is a window of 10 minutes after server reset, the window gets smaller and smaller, have no idea why, never had any answers regarding this problem, this is why most of us are in uproar, because it has gone on for just over a year, I remember reporting it back in march last year, this is the main reason I am annoyed and upset with funcom and their server provider’s, because it seems that they are incapable of solving the issue


Yes we are on PS4/PS5. Its a well know issue and happening to vast majority of people. Its more of a Gportal issue from my understanding but only the patch from what im gathering can fix it.

3522 Offical PvEc - Cant join after 11:30am Eastern

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What kind of server are you playing on? My wife plays on 2 official pve ps4 server’s and logging into them at all times of the day and night… one resets around 5am EST not sure about the other. I join her occasionally no issues. Do you think other players are messing up the server?

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